About Us

Financially Frugal was started in 2018 by myself, Marcus Bancroft.

As a Millennial, I quickly realised that I’m not going to afford a modest family-sized home in Sydney without succumbing to 30+ years of debt and unhappiness. At the time of writing, Australia has the highest house price to income ratio in the world, the highest level of household debt to income ratio and monthly mortgage repayments as a % of average disposable income are at an all-time high.

It has become quickly apparent to me that the idea of buying a property or two, or five is no longer feasible, or sustainable, as it was in our parents or grandparents generation. With a thirst for knowledge and the appealing thought of retiring early, I started researching and quickly found two great places of information on Reddit, AusFinance and FIAustralia.

Whilst I have learnt lots from those two places and continue to learn each day, I notice there’s a distinct lack of tailored Aussie financial advice available on blogs around the internet. I’m sure most of us started looking for financial advice, only to continue reading about Roth IRA’s and realising that it’s not totally applicable to us.

With this in mind, I’ve seen a gap in the market to provide helpful, country-specific information for young and older people who might be interested in frugality and retiring early whilst also increasing my own financial knowledge.

I hope you enjoy the blog.